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see ya in layton hell, bitches
Eruption Island OCT - Kyou and Chiko by CianaTheRabbit
Eruption Island OCT - Kyou and Chiko
For :iconeruptionislandoct:
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Name: Chiko Mizuno

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Race: Human

Personality: Quiet and polite. She enjoys listening to others, but rarely speaks unless spoken to.

Height: 4'10"

Weight: 98 lbs

Likes: Chiko enjoys cooking in her spare time. She is fascinated with the creatures living nearby her home and studies them intently. Loves people, even if she doesn't seem like she does due to not talking.

Dislikes: Chiko hates foxes, as well as cold weather.

Weaknesses: Believes in honorable battles and doesn't use any dirty tricks. Her clairvoyance isn't always reliable, as it shows multiple outcomes and doesn't tell which is most likely.

Strengths: Willing to kill if she absolutely must. Her powers to see different outcomes give her ideas as for how to plan. Observant of others. Her long weapon compensates for her short stature, and her short stature gives her more room
to dodge.

Talents: She's an excellent cook! And she's a very proper young lady, keeping her composure through a lot of things.

Fears: HORRIBLY (as in DO NOT JOKE ABOUT THIS) afraid of thunderstorms.

Combat: She fights with a naginata, which gives her longer reach to compensate for her height.

Family: Mio Mizuno (Mother), AKi Mizuno (Sister)

Powers: Can look into fire to gain insight into situations. She will see multiple outcomes and must figure out the most likely outcome on her own. She only sees the beginning and end of a given situation, mind you. She must use her wits
to make her preferred outcome happen. The visions aren't completely clear all the time

Motivations: She's looking for the kitsune that attacked her village.

Backstory: As the Mizuno family is a long line of fire sorcerers, Chiko was expected to be a strong fighter. However, Chiko was born with different powers: She was born with the gift of clairvoyance. There was a catch: These visions
showed multiple outcomes. It had always been up to the Mizuno family to discern what was going to happen and what wasn't. When the visions showed the coming of a four-tailed kitsune, Chiko was desperate to keep damages to a minimum.
When the village relied on her decisions to tell if they would win or lose, Chiko said they would win. This, however, caused the village to underestimate the fox's power, and she was labelled a fraud when the fight was over. Determined
to restore her honor and defeat the kitsune once and for all, Chiko heads off to a tournament where the one called Kyou is headed...

Name: Kyou Tsukioka

Gender: Male

Age:  19

Race: Kitsune (has four tails)

Personality: Cheeky and energetic, but sometimes overly chatty, Kyou is the exact opposite of Chiko when it comes to his demeanor.

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 134 lbs

Likes: Food! He eats a lot and especially loves fish! He loves meeting new people and sparring.

Dislikes: ...But dislikes actual fighting. He also hates his brother with a passion.

Weaknesses: Frail defenses.

Strengths: Fast and flexible in both forms. You gotta catch him before you kill him!

Talents: Can fish really well, and is an incredible survivalist. Also skilled at pickpocketing and planning heists.

Fears: Being mistaken for his twin

Combat: Fights unarmed, aided only by his control over fire.

Family: Suketsune Tsukioka (Brother)

Powers: Can turn into a human and back into a fox, but has difficulty hiding his tails. If he's careless, the tails will show. He can also manipulate fire to attack.

Motivations: Proving that he's not his brother after his brother attacked Chiko's village.

Backstory: Born in a forest with his identical twin, Kyou and Suketsune were abandoned due to being bastard children of a lord and a wandering kitsune woman. When their mother was killed by a hunter after trying to steal said hunter's
kill, Kyou and Suketsune were left alone. Barely alive, they were found by said hunter and remained oblivious about what the man did for years. When the truth was revealed by the hunter's wife, Suketsune killed the man, whom both he and
Kyou had viewed as family. As if that wasn't enough, Suketsune set his sights on the village that the hunter's wife fled to afterwards and attacked immediately...While wearing Kyou's signature scarf. Having pinned the blame on his
brother, Suketsune left Kyou, who was later hunted down by a girl named Chiko. Kyou's reasons for being in the tournament are unknown, but he's now determined to prove to Chiko that he wasn't the one who attacked her village...

Possessions (for both characters)

WHOO, okay, done with this. :) Kyou was an adoptable, and Chiko was made in dreamselfy first before I gave her a wa-lolita inspired look. She's meant to be the 'mysterious woman wearing white' here.

Both OCs are mine.

see ya in layton hell, bitches


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